Using CBD Oil To Treat Dogs

Using CBD Oil To Treat Dogs

Can you give your cuddly pooch CBD oil for his or her various ills? It’s a question that lots of people are asking, and some veterinarians are weighing in.

It seems that there are some cases where CBD oil as a natural hemp-based ingredient can help dogs to feel better and eliminate symptoms of some chronic conditions. That’s leading many pet owners to think about how CBD oil or other cannabis products can make a difference in their dog’s life. 

CBD and Doggy Diagnosis

So what can CBD oil help with?

One of the most commonly cited uses of CBD oil for dogs actually involves a range of conditions, where dogs may suffer from chronic pain. There are a number of reasons for this from cardiac issues to genetic problems and more.

However, there are other types of medical theories showing that CBD oil may be helpful for a range of emotional issues as well. Humans often use it for anxiety and depression, and while dogs do not have our psychology, CBD oil may be able to help with hyperactivity or other canine behavioral issues.

What’s Important with Canine CBD?

Most vets would agree that if you’re going to treat your dog with CBD, it’s important to have a natural compound that’s free from potentially harmful chemicals.

Many dog-focused CBD oil products are advertised as GMO-free and that’s an important distinction, because it shows that the products were not made with genetically modified organisms. Then, also, CBD oil should be free of pesticides and other chemical contaminants that can be harmful to your canine friend.

At Provida Cannabinoid Nutraceuticals, we provide this kind of clean CBD for you and your dog as well. Both humans and animals can benefit from organic and natural products that don’t carry the potential toxins in some inferior packaged CBD oils. We help bring you and your family into the hemp revolution in a way that lets you experience the benefits of CBD oils every day. 

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