Why Is Bioavailability A Big Deal?

Why Is Bioavailability A Big Deal?

Why Is Bioavailability A Big Deal?

As we sell our top-tier hemp products, we take a careful look at the biology of how supplements and herbal remedies work in the body, and what’s relevant to the new industry for CBD oils and other similar offerings that are so popular right now. 

This is a relatively new market, and there are a lot of questions. Now that there’s more of a consensus that CBD can help with human health, people are asking how this works practically. The answer had to do withcannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, and other contextual science. 

In the mix is an important term called “bioavailability” that helps us to predict how supplements will have an impact for the average individual person.

What Is Bioavailability?

Simply put, bioavailability refers to how much of the substance in question will reach the “system circulation” of the subject. 

Think of it as the ability of the body to digest various elements that are introduced through a person’s diet.

You have this concept of bioavailability in the plant and animal worlds, too, where some refer to plant intake as “chelation,” but it’s important in supplement research to show how well the body can take in all of that great stuff like antioxidants that cannabinoids offer, and how to facilitate that process by applying the right science. 

Factors in Bioavailability

Several factors influence bioavailability for dietary supplements and similar products.

First, there’s the food effect – food is seen to affect bioavailability in two fundamentally different ways. First, it physically changes the dissolution of a tablet or liquid supplement in the body system. Secondly, it also affects the body’s metabolism of that substance.

Besides the food effect, there are various physic-chemical factors that affect bioavailability. There’s also the body’s own innate metabolism, and people talk about drug metabolism to measure how a particular person responds to ingested substances.

As we market our lab-tested and legal CBD products, we take care to answer these questions fully and do the detailed research that supports our reputation and track record for our customers. Always get qualified medical advice before starting out with a supplement regimen – and with the right quality that we provide, you can have a safe and sustainable way to enjoy the best health benefits of cannabinoids! We have daily CBD products, CBD edibles, CBD for pets, and much more to help you to put together a routine you’ll love. Find out more through our FAQ or contact us with any questions. 

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