Five Things to Know About Topical Cannabis Relief Balms

Five Things to Know About Topical Cannabis Relief Balms

Some of our most popular products are balms or topical lotions, and products that you can rub on your skin.

Here are five interesting things to know about these cannabis products as you make buying decisions.

Terpenes and Cannabinoids

The active ingredients in these types of products consist of terpenes, cannabinoids and related substances. The thing to note here is that there are a range of these components that you get from the natural cannabis plant. Think of it as a cocktail of natural ingredients that have an effect on the body.

Ingredients Bind to Receptors

It’s also important to understand how these terpenes and cannabinoids work. They work by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the body. Receptor binding is widely studied in science as a way that chemical processes affect the body’s anatomy.

A Range of Conditions

Because of the above science, CBD can help with a wide range of conditions such as:

  • Localized pain
  • Muscle soreness
  • Inflammation

That means that cannabis products can be effective for athletes with sore muscles at the end of a sport or workout session, and those who suffer from hard to pin down pain conditions like fibromyalgia. The anti-inflammation properties are also effective against many different kinds of conditions.

For instance, some migraine sufferers feel they have gotten a bit of relief with topicals. These types of products can also be effective in terms of dermatitis or itchy skin. So in some cases, you might also apply these topical balms when you’re bit by mosquitoes, or blunder into a patch of poison ivy.

Aromatics and Aromatherapy

This key point is not evident to everybody. Unless you’re close to the industry, you might not understand how this aspect of cannabis products works.

The short way to say this is that since the CBD produces a calming and slightly sedative effect, it goes well with aromatics that provide effective aromatherapy.

When you see menthol or peppermint or other oils added into the mix, you can see how this works. Some of these items are supposed to help open up airways, but one of the main utilities of the secondary aromatics is that they add to the relief that people get mentally from applying the topicals to their skin.

They Don’t Get You High

Since these products have a very low level of THC, they don’t produce the “highs” or mental changes that you would get from other kinds of products. That’s important to know for safety and clarity, in regard to federal and state regulations of psychoactive substances.

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