Can CBD Oil expire?

Can CBD Oil expire?


Do you regularly use CBD oil? Have you ever wondered if it expires? As an item you ingest, this is a good question. It is probably one you want the answer to, as well.  

Similar to any other plant-based product, CBD oil is a perishable item that may lose its potency and its clarity as time passes. In most cases, this will take about a year to happen, but there are some signs your product has expired that you can watch for. 

Don’t worry if you happen to take expired CBD oil. It won’t smell or taste great, but that is the extent of the issues you will face. The CBD inside the bottle is still active, but there may be other side effects that you don’t want to deal with. 

Keep reading to learn more about CBD oil, when it is expired, and what you can do. 

Signs Your CBD Oil Is Expired

If you use CBD oil, proper storage is essential. Your tincture bottles should be kept in a dark, cool area and stay out of direct sunlight. When CBD oil is exposed to sunlight, it can break down faster, which creates a cloudy product that loses some of its strength. 

When you store CBD oil properly, it can last for about two years. One of the fastest and easiest ways to figure out if your CBD oil has expired is to look at the liquid’s clarity. If it appears hazy or cloudy, there’s a good chance it has expired. You can also open the bottle and smell the product. While CBD may not have the best smell, it may begin to smell rancid when it expires. 

Capsules and edibles will last longer than oil tinctures. That’s because the edibles contain preservatives that help to keep the product stable longer than oil. However, these products aren’t going to last forever either. If the CBD product’s desired effect is not experienced, it is safe to assume they are expired. 

Is Expired CBD Oil Toxic?

While the answer is no, it really isn’t worth the chance. If the product smells funny or bad and the potency is gone, you probably need to replace your supply. One of CBD’s top benefits is its safety and minimal toxicity; however, even a quality product has its limits. 

One of the top concerns related to expired CBD oil is the increase in free radicals. This is why it is best to avoid consuming expired CBD oil. 

Other Options for Using Expired CBD Oil

After you have spent a lot of money on premium CBD products, having to throw them away can be disheartening. The good news is that you can still use CBD oil. While you should not consume it, you can use it as a skin moisturizer. You can also use it on your hair to add some hydration to dry locks. 

Knowing if your CBD oil is expired will help you using a product you should avoid. Keep this information in mind to know when you should toss out your products. 

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