Hemp – Proven Uses And Benefits

Hemp – Proven Uses And Benefits

Hemp – Proven Uses And Benefits

While it is the same species as cannabis, hemp, otherwise known as industrial hemp, has less than 0.3% of THC. The plant is an annual herb and is aromatic. Hemp has found its way into many foods and medicines as well as other industrial uses.

Uses of Hemp

Industrial hemp can be used in textiles, paper, shoes, and food. It can also be used for insulation and in biofuel, with hemp oil being common in making paints, creams, and moisturizing lotions. Hemp seeds are commonly eaten raw or sprouted. They can be used in many forms of cooking and baking. Apart from these, hemp plants have become favorites among farmers as they absorb CO2 and help prevent soil erosion and save water consumption.

Benefits of the Hemp Plant

CBD hemp extracts are derived from industrial hemp plants and used to improve physical wellbeing. Hemp seeds contain protein and fatty acids – omega-6 and omega-3. They have become a part of the ingredients used in certain body care products and health foods.

Body care: Hemp oil is known to improve the skin as it can moisturize and hydrate. It is used to balance and regulate the oil production in the skin. People with acne find it highly beneficial.

The Omega-6 fatty acids in hemp oil are anti-inflammatory to soothe skin even as it encourages new cell growth. Studies show that hemp oil has anti-aging properties through its linoleic and oleic acid content.

Health foods: Hemp milk and hemp cheese are common alternatives to vegans. Hemp has all the essential amino acids and is a strong protein source. It also has magnesium making it suitable for the elderly as they are usually found deficient in magnesium leading to heart diseases, insulin resistance, and osteoporosis.

Introducing Hemp into Your Daily Life

Regardless of your skin type, hemp oil has been found helpful in keeping the skin toned and moisturized. It can be used daily and even on inflamed skin surfaces as it provides soothing relief without blocking the pores.

Whatever the age, introducing hemp products into the diet has proven helpful as it provides additional support to the body. Using hemp seeds, oil, cheese substitutes have shown signs of improved health.

Seek Medical Opinion

For taking supplements and over-the-counter medication, a medical opinion is a must. Therefore, consulting your doctor, who is best equipped to advise you on what you can use topically or include in your diet, is a safe move. While hemp extract products are entirely plant-based and there are no signs of harm, keeping your doctor informed makes the most sense.

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