CBD and Surgery: What You Need to Know

CBD and Surgery: What You Need to Know

CBD and Surgery: What You Need to Know


If you take CBD regularly, you may wonder if it is safe to take before or after surgery. For example, will it provide any benefits or cause any problems? Keep reading to learn more about CBD and if it is safe to take before or after surgery.

Taking CBD Before Surgery

If you are curious about the safety of CBD, it’s worth noting that this is a substance that’s well-tolerated by people, even when they take high doses of 1,500 mg daily.

While this is true, there are possible interactions between CBD and other medications, especially when under surgical anesthesia or other medications.

According to multiple medical sources, it’s best to avoid taking anything – even water – before surgery to prevent possible complications like nausea, aspiration, increased heart rate, or secondary infections.

Before surgery, you will be asked questions or fill out a form about the use of opioids or other medications. This is because some compounds will make anesthesia weaker or completely ineffective.

CBD and Anesthetics

The frequent use of some supplements may not cause anesthesia to be completely unproductive; however, your anesthesiologist must be aware of the compounds that may impact its effectiveness.

There isn’t much research on CBD’s impact on anesthesia; however, it has been proven that frequent use of marijuana or THC can reduce the effectiveness of commonly used anesthetic medications. Because there is a possible risk, it’s a good idea to let your doctor know about CBD use before surgery.

It’s also a good idea to stop taking CBD when you stop eating, drinking, and taking other medications to prepare for surgery. While CBD has a very low concentration of THC, it’s better to let your anesthesiologist know you are taking it ahead of time.

Taking CBD After Surgery

A discovery that surprises some is that taking CBD after surgery may be more beneficial than taking it pre-operative. Besides the positive impact CBD has on your mental well-being, it can also help you reduce post-surgery pain and inflammation.

Along with managing pain, physical discomfort, and stress associated with surgery, taking CBD will also help balance your endocannabinoid system on other levels. An example is someone who experiences nausea and vomiting after surgery or a loss of appetite. CBD may help alleviate these post-surgery side effects.

Fatigue is another common side effect after surgery. CBD may be effective in helping you optimize your energy levels because of how it interacts with your metabolic pathways and the signals it sends to your ECS to produce additional anandamide, which is commonly called the “bliss molecule.” In larger doses, CBD may be effective at reducing blood pressure, which could make you feel tired and drowsy. This may be beneficial if you need to rest after surgery.

Using CBD Before and After Surgery

If you have surgery scheduled, considering the use of CBD can be beneficial. Be sure to talk to your doctor and purchase a quality brand from a reputable company. This will help you see the benefits described here and benefit from CBD use.


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