Delta-8 and Delta-9

Delta-8 and Delta-9

Sometimes when dealing with new CBD products, things can be confusing. And that can, in some cases, be an understatement. 

There are a few reasons for that – one of them is that this is a relatively new market. Another is that there’s a particular science applied to it. Yet another one is that because of the sensitivity around formerly controlled substances, there are different categories or levels that people need to be aware of when investigating things like CBD, endocannabinoids, and Delta-8 products. 

A Budding Market

It wasn’t too long ago that hemp or marijuana as a plant was widely seen as something mainly illegal. But then the tide turned. People realized how great the stuff was for the body and human health.

So we started to regulate the plant and sell it over the counter as a society. We made it part of our social contract that you can use these items to feel and live better each day.

But that entails knowing more about these products and what they do. And that, in turn, necessitates a certain kind of awareness that people are working on. We are part of that effort!

A Sliding Scale

The products known as Delta-8 have to do with levels of THC as a natural substance in the developed product.

In classical cannabis, there were high amounts of THC that the government wanted to criminalize.

In CBD, much lower amounts of THC are not actionable in the same ways or don’t have the same effects. For example, CBD may not show up on a drug test, but Delta-8 almost definitely will. And then there’s Delta-9.

Delta-8 products have been made with a specific level of THC below what many people consider fully psychoactive. But then, when the level of THC creeps up, it starts to put a product into the Delta-9 category, which is a higher concentration in general.

So how do you keep tabs on exactly what category you’re dealing with here? It entails provable results and a knowledge of how products, strains, and substances differ. 

Lab Testing

The gold standard for cannabis products is extensive lab testing and thorough chemical analysis.

That’s why we use processes and methods that give you all the information about a cannabis product, including THC levels’ to a T’ and not just in the general ballpark.

We’re committed to making CBD and related items more accessible and giving people the information they need to use it well. That’s part of the regulation of the products and part of the context of their new market as well! Look through the site, peruse the catalog, and take advantage of our extensive educational resources to more fully understand every “level” of cannabis. 

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