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What is CBD Hemp Extract?

There’s been a lot of buzz and confusion lately about hemp plant products, especially cannabidiol (CBD) hemp extract, given changing laws surrounding the production and research of both. The hemp plant has been used and cultivated for centuries to make textiles, whole food products, and health and wellness products. 

Recently, full spectrum CBD hemp extract has become more readily available in the marketplace in various formats to support overall wellness.Hemp plants have been used for centuries as resources for paper, textiles, biofuels and more. They’ve also been used holistically in balms, lotions, tinctures and extracts. Some of the confusion around hemp plants and related products stems from the fact that they come from varieties of the cannabis plant. This leads many to wonder if the hemp plant used to make these products is the same as the marijuana plant with psychoactive effects—but it isn’t.

The type of hemp plants used to make CBD hemp extracts and other hemp-derived products are known as industrial hemp plants, the non-psychoactive (not hallucinogenic) varieties of Cannabis sativa L. with low (less than 0.3%) or undetectable levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis.

So, products made from industrial hemp, like CBD hemp extracts do not produce the psychoactive effects in the body that result from the use of THC-containing cannabis plants (marijuana). The industrial hemp plant is a renewable resource, and its seeds, flowers and stem are used in thousands of health foods, body care and wellness products. It is also an attractive crop for farmers as hemp plants absorb CO2, help detoxify the soil, prevent soil erosion, do not require pesticides and use less water than traditional crops.


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