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This is an all natural full spectrum hemp CBD extract soft gel capsule. Our Cannabinoid rich CO2 extracted Hemp CBD oils are infused into a high quality organic Hemp seed oil.

  • Organic Colorado grown hemp
  • The Provida Full Spectrum CBD capsules are whole plant hemp extracts that include a variety of Phytocannabinoids, Terpenes and Essential Fatty Acids
  • Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp CBD oil, Organic Hemp Seed oil , Gelatin, Glycerin and Purified water
  • We use limited, select Organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality Hemp CBD extract possible
  • 750 mg Hemp CBD extract in each bottle
  •  1 Capsule = 25 mg of hemp derived Full Spectrum CBD | 30 soft gel capsules
  • Suggested serving size: 1-2 soft gel capsules per day.
  • Smoothly contoured, easy to swallow gel capsule
  • For best results, daily consistency is the key
  • Precise dosing | Perfect for on the go
  • Store at room temperature and away from light
  • Benefits may include pain management, reduced anxiety, manage every day stresses, reduce inflammation and healthier sleep cycles
  • 100% CO2 extracted formulation and Winterized
  • Non GMO | Gluten Free
  • 3rd Part lab tested | FDA registered facility | Made in the USA
  • No Pesticides, Fungicides or Herbicides
  • Non psychoactive
  • Rapid bioavailability
  • Regulates the human Endocannabinoid system


This soft gel capsule is made 100% from the Hemp plant.  Add to your daily health routine to promote mind and body wellness. It has been enhanced for maximum shelf life and maximum bio-absorption giving our customers a full spectrum cannabinoid profile that is legal in all 50 States. None of our ingredients have been chemically synthesized in a lab. This product should be used sublingually under the tongue.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Provida Daily Caps 750 mg

  1. Julia Thomas (verified owner)

    I have been using the CBD full spectrum 750 gummies to help me sleep and though the gummies work just fine, I like the convenience of the caps better. The caps are as effective as the gummies.

  2. Joyce (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking this CBD for a long time now and can’t go without it. Previous to using this, I had problems sleeping. Waking several times during the night and taking up to an hour to fall back asleep. So, yea, I didn’t get much sleep! I take this every night about 1/2 hr. before going to bed and it’s fantastic! No more “up all night”! I’m finally getting the rest I need and by using the subscription service, I never run out. So nice to have no sleep issues anymore! Thank you Provida!

  3. Katie G (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for a year and a half and I can honestly say I can’t go without it. I have lots of stuff going on: anxiety, slight OCD, spinal problems in my neck and back- I have been seeing a chiropractor for most of my life and problems sleeping. CBD helps with all of it. My anxiety is where I saw the most change. I would get regular anxiety streaks where I would feel unable to control my own emotions and lash out at people if I feel overwhelmed and now things don’t bother me as much as they used to. I have convinced many family and friends to try it. All with success. It’s part of my routine now. I take one every night. It just kind of adjusts the issues that are a little off and helps them even out. It feels like I’m more myself and who I was meant to be without the weight of anxiety or pain making me feel like a different person.

  4. Catherine (verified owner)

    My husband and I find this product very helpful for our many aches and pains.

  5. Sharon

    Awesome product for anxiety!

  6. nick chavasse (verified owner)

    alittle too early to really tell, but they seem to work to relieve the achs and pains in my shoulders and buttock muscles.

  7. Laura Mavrakes (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking since mid Nov 2018, for my lowerback as I was diagnosed with arthritis and acute scoliosis. I couldn’t even get out of bed with extreme pain.
    Now with the CBD pills, I take 1 at night and I’m good. I can get up with very mild aches, walking, twisting and turning no pain. This pill is my miracle pill. I’ve had hot flashes 24/7 and now 1 or 2 night. My digestive issues are gone. Mentally I’m much calmer and can think clearly. I prefer the pills , but once in awhile I will do the oil.. Now I take 1 pill every other day.
    I highly recommend people should try the CBD, because it’s amazing!😊

  8. Earl K (verified owner)

    Outstanding product.

  9. Kevin M.

    I Have been taking these capsules for the past 5 months and it has helped me to relieve my inflammation in my back and also to help me loose weight.. I Will defiantly continue to use this product for the future and refer everyone to it,

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